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The new nano car spray GlossyTouch protects your car from sunrays, erosion, dirt and brings back the original color of your car. Your car will end up looking like brand new.


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  • Smooths the surface and fills small scratches
  • It gives a long-lasting protective coating
  • Adds a stunning glossy finish
  • Fights corrosion and damages from high temperature, outdoor exposure, dust and acid rain
  • Just spray it on and wipe evenly until the surface is bright and smooth

Product details

  • It gives your car a shiny, glossy new look
  • It protects your car from frost, inclement weather factors and erosion
  • Repels water and dirt, and ensures that your car remains clean for a longer time
  • Gives long-lasting effects
  • Suitable for professional and home use
  • Made of polysiloxane and other nano materials
  • It protects the vehicle’s exterior from UV damage
  • Volume: 50 ml

Ratings & Reviews

4 / 5
(200 reviews)
200 reviews
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