What Your Favorite Underwear Color Says About You?


Some people may think it’s silly to waste much time thinking about the color of your underwear, but it can actually tell a lot about you. Read on to find out what clues your favorite underwear color may reveal about your personality.

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BLACK: Black is the most common choice of underwear color to wear, due to its status as a classic. And the best part is that it looks good on everybody! Despite overpopulating many drawers, black is sometimes the choice of sophisticated and mysterious people who have edgy personalities. So, if your underwear drawer is full of black, that just might be you!

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WHITE: Opposite to black, white is not a popular choice when it comes to underwear. Still, we are sure at least one piece can be found in everyone’s wardrobe. Calm, trustworthy, and honest personalities often choose this color of peace, purity, and optimism.

PINK: People who choose pink underwear are believed to be very playful, loving, and kind. The color often signifies one’s generous and emphatic nature; however, seeing too much goodness in others can lead to moments of naivete.

RED: Red means you have power and control over your life. It is often a choice of confident, strong, and passionate personalities. If you dare to wear red, you are ready for any kind of adventure, right?

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BEIGE: While we often read that beige is a boring color worn by people with not much personality, choosing it for underwear might be a purely practical decision. Skin-colored slips are necessary when wearing more revealing dresses, during photo shoots, or while filming raunchy film scenes. Hence, wearing beige underwear might be an indicator of a very interesting day-to-day life. Not so boring after all, eh?

BLUE: Ahh, blue – the most popular color in the world. Since it’s adored by so many, it’s all about the shade you prefer. Light baby blue attracts friendly personalities, while dark blue is a choice of more conservative ones. Which one are you?

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GREY: We think of gray as solemn and serious, the color of business suits, so it’s often a choice of serious people with discipline, who are often introverts.

Of course, don’t take these descriptions too seriously, as the colors we choose don’t define us, but they can give us an insight into why we particularly like a specific shade.

When choosing underwear, it is not only the color that is important, but also the quality of the material, comfort, and the perfect fit to the body. Layoners underwear collection is all of that. See it for yourself.


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