Wedding sunglasses: Which sunglasses are ready for celebration?




Whether you’re organizing or just attending – sunglasses are probably not the first accessory you think of, when considering a wedding ceremony. But if you really want to be prepared for this exciting event, you’ll quickly discover that they are an indispensable piece, even when tying the knot. 




Before you reach for the first pair of sunglasses you own, think about what you plan to wear to the wedding – especially if you are the bride. When picking the perfect pair of wedding sunglasses, the entire theme of the wedding should be a major consideration. Be mindful that some styles of sunglasses are not at all suitable to wear at a wedding ceremony, no matter the theme – may that be a simple beach, or destination wedding. Just like you normally wouldn’t wear your pink oversized sunglasses with pearls to a cross-country ski run, you also don’t put on sporty, narrow-shaped sunglasses when wearing a tuxedo or an elegant maxi dress.


Wedding sunglasses with clear lenses are another thing to consider. Weddings are unique, very intimate events, and the tinted lenses could make you seem impersonal, and people may consider your choice inappropriate. If you’re thinking of wearing a pair of sunnies during your own nuptials, it’s even more important, to choose the perfect style of wedding sunglasses, as to lock eyes with your significant other, when saying “I do”. You can even order personalised sunglasses, engraved, or printed with your names and date online. If your wedding venue is a sunny one, or you’re having a beach wedding, you could send customized sunglasses, together with your invitations or save the date cards. Thought out wedding favors such as this one, might carry more weight than a fancy bar of soap or a scented candle – not that we have anything against nice smelling soap.




Besides propriety, the theme, and other points relating to such a formal event, your face shape is, perhaps, the most important thing to think about. Every type of sunglasses doesn’t fit every face shape, outfit or other accessory. 


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Stick to the classics go for white, black or pastel colors to be as stylish as possible – especially if this is your special day. If the bride is dressed in a white gown, she may prefer white bridal sunglasses or frames in a bright, cream color. The colors of the bouquet are also something you might want to think of when choosing that perfect pair – and, most importantly, don’t forget about your bridesmaids or other members of the bridal party. You don’t want any of the colors to clash, so be mindful. And remember – something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue – when missing one of these essential elements, a perfect pair of wedding sunglasses can fill the void. 


If the groom is wearing a black tuxedo, he can accessorize with black wedding sunglasses with rustic details, such as wooden handles made of bamboo. This style fits all kinds of occasions, or colors, and can be worn even after the wedding. And hey, if you’re feeling especially indecisive, stick to the basics and go with a pair of black, sleek frames



Are you planning on having a vintage-inspired wedding and would like to finish-off your bohemian theme with a pair of shades that is something special? The usual models are out of the question for you. Bring something both ‘old and new’ to bridal wear with wedding sunglasses styles dating back decades into history. 


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We’ve already said a few words on wedding favors but imagine this – every guest receives a pair of styled wedding frames upon arrival – some might like theirs so much, they decide to wear them every day. Talk about a lasting memory! 


In general, the wedding party will be immensely delighted by this additional element of spice, and they’ll be especially grateful if the wedding is in summer, when the days are hottest, and the sun is most dazzling. With sunglasses on, the only thing blinding your guests will be the splendor of the ceremony, or the beautifully outfitted bride & groom. 


The bridal party sunglasses will be a big success if you buy identical frames in different colors for all your wedding guests. If you want to use the wedding hashtag on your social media #SomethingBlue you can always opt for blue colored lenses for the gentlemen. We recommend you go for the unisex frame version. If you want a more streamlined, minimalistic approach, there’s nothing wrong with choosing colors that are in the same shade or tone. Again, don’t forget to consider the location, atmosphere and theme of the wedding.


Tip: it is advisable to buy some extra pairs, as a few too many drinks are quickly to happen, and the sunglasses get accidentally lost or broken. Take our word for it; your guests will be thrilled at receiving these useful party favors. If you’re the lucky couple, enjoy being completely care-free as all the members of the bridal party show up at the photo shoot definitely wearing their party sunglasses. Guests love unique, customized wedding favors, therefore personalized sunglasses with your names or a romantic line could be just the thing for you.


Do not forget about the photo booth. One of the most fun elements of the wedding is, without a doubt, the photo booth corner, where guests can show their goofy side, laugh and giggle when taking photos with a polaroid camera. 


Sunglasses, in addition to other amusing props, should of course not be missing. We advise you choose something out of the ordinary, a funny frame in different colors that your guests will be happy to wear, when taking their spontaneous photos.





There’s no need to worry, as there’s a plethora of options ready to choose from. You can get all your props, wedding favors, decorations for your bachelorette party, and personalized sunglasses in different color options online. If you are worried about the shipping and if it will arrive on time, order your items from a local online store. To save you some money, we recommend searching for a good price guarantee and items in budget sizes. 



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