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The summer is slowly winding down, but our eyes still yearn for protection and an attractive accessory; we’re talking about sunglasses, of course. We dived into our stock, and searched for some of the funkiest, most popular vintage frames for this fall. It’s time to grab a cup of coffee, lie down, and relax while reading about this autumn’s must-have trends.


Making their first appearance in the fifties, tiny sunglasses gained a new influx of popularity in the nineties. A rather the rambunctious period, the nineties were filled with some odd, and clearly unforgettable trends. So how is it, that skinny vintage sunglasses reassumed a desirable place among modern frames?

By featuring tiny frames in their photos, modern-day celebrities like the Kardashian-Jenner family, sisters Hadid, and Rihanna, caused an undoubtable comeback of these unusually shaped frames, generally known as skinny sunglasses. Trends are known to recycle every 10–20 years, so it’s no surprise that vintage trend was repopularised, and the nineties were reincarnated into the here and now.

There are some who doubt that this sunglasses model offers adequate UV protection, yet skinny sunnies remain unopposed due their unique design, and an authentic hint of old-fashioned sportiness.


Half-cut sunglasses boast a skinny frame, the top of which seems cut clean off, and flows in a sharp line, from handle to handle. Simply put, this style is on the edgy side, and simply cool. The half-cut frame will most likely suit those with a more daring approach to fashion, and those who don’t feel uncomfortable attracting a few wayward glances on the street. It’s shape perfectly contours your cheekbones and sharpens your jawline. Who doesn’t mind looking sharp, right?


These vintage frames qualify as one of the most elegant and popular skinny styles to ever grace our faces. Perhaps more characteristic for the fifties, especially in brighter tones, the cat-eye sunglasses truly shine in combination with a floral, button up dress and a pair of white stilettos. Add a hat or a flower in your hair, and you can confidently take the leading role in one of the classic movies of the previous century. If you want to feel sexy and elegant at the same time, this model is undoubtably both. Meow to that!


The popular oval shape is best suited for square face shapes, as it softens facial features, making them much gentler, but make no mistake, the glasses are also perfect for those with a round face. For women, it enhances their feminine side, while adding warmth and playfulness to the look, no matter your gender. Sunglasses with thin metal frames and pastel-tinted lenses exude an especially vintage vibe. Blue, pink, and even bright green – you won’t believe how good these shades look in the company of metal materials and the perfected oval shape. You simply can’t resist having them in your wardrobe, possibly in every colour variation there is. 


Extremely thin, geometric sporty shapes may be less seen on city streets, as their vibe is rather specific. To rock these edgy sunglasses, there needs to be a bit more effort when combining them with an outfit. Still, Rihanna has successfully proven, that these sporty models go hand in hand with high fashion, as she did not shy away from donning them for a few red carpet looks.


The square, skinny sunglasses are practically framed in the foundations of steampunk, and they just scream Matrix. Now, we’ll admit that the thin, rectangular contour doesn’t fit every style or face shape. Yet, there’s no denying that they can work as an excellent fashion accessory if the complimenting outfit accentuates the unique shape of these glasses.


If you remember Anastacia, and her music video I’m Outta Love, hands up! colourful red-tinted lenses with tiny black frames are coming back in full swing, and with additional versatility of both intense or pastel colours, the choice is yours.

Colourful lenses in combination with the unique skinny shape feature trendy nineties hip-hop choreography, with some steps from the 21st century. Meanwhile, the minimalism of black and white simply cannot be disregarded. The mere frame contour is extravagant enough, and no vivid colours are necessary to spice up your look on a special occasion. 

Aside from the described versions, geometric shapes, with a twist of asymmetry have seen some action this season. Well, in the end, it comes down to the choice of the individual, the question being: are you more into rococo opulence or streamlined minimalism? Do you prefer calm pastels or vivid fluorescents? Funky or elegant? Only you know the answer, and thankfully the options on the market are so varied that an appropriate colour shape can be found to suit any pair of eyes.


As we leave the dimension of tiny, skinny sunglasses behind, we depart for the seventies, outlining the oversized square shape. These frames, featuring sharp geometric lines, provide a truly unique look and liven up your fall outfit. This model is not for those, who want to hide from curious onlookers. On the contrary, its unusual shape, which wonderfully contours the lines of your face, attracts the glances of many passers-by. These sunglasses highlight facial bones, as well as the lips and nose, upon which sits the bridge of oversized frames. Definitely the right choice for extravagant, confident women. 


These retro sunglasses reference movies like The Notebook, which ties them with the unique nostalgia of romance from the previous century and takes us back to exciting summers in time before the turn of the millennium.

Larger cat eye frames in black embody Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and there’s no better combination than black cat eyes, paired with a crispy croissant and a group of friends at a café. These vintage frames simply make you chic, from head to toe. 


The shape of this vintage frame flows into a linear, meal top bar, connecting the lenses. The elegant form with a retro touch, fits all oval face shape, while its contours are formed in a way that makes the frame unisex. D-frame sunglasses are the perfect choice for men and women, who like to combine minimalist forms with a dynamic element.


We already addressed the tiny-round situation, but now we’d like to discuss the much more prominent, perfectly circular shape. Also known as the Lennon sunglasses, the form blossomed in the 1960s, and then flooded the market in the 1970s. It seems that because of their famous history and connection to one of the most successful musicians in the world – John Lennon – these vintage sunglasses will never really fall out of style. Over and over, the round shape proves that it can reach the very peak of trendy popularity, by reforming itself with stylish and contemporary elements. This fall, the round glasses feature the slightly arched, thin top bar, bridging between the two lenses, presenting a perfectly formed whole.


There’s a plethora of vintage sunglasses to choose from, and you’d be hard-pressed to make a fast decision. But that’s the magic of shopping online – you can take as much time as you want, and enjoy benefits like great sales and free shipping. When choosing, it’s important to check if the glasses enhance your best features, perhaps hide tiny imperfections, and at the same time, protect your eyes. Remember that saying – beauty is in the eye of the beholder – so make sure to pick the frame that’s right for you!

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