Top 10 sunglasses trends in 2021


New Year has brought new trends that have already been noticed on the faces of many Hollywood stars. This year, trendsetting celebrities favor timeless classics and have also revived some vintage styles. Check out which sunglasses we’re going to be wearing in the new season and choose the pair that will complete your personal style.



When you see this year’s latest sunglasses trends you’ll want to get them all. To make the decision easier for you, we’ve selected the top 10 sunglasses trends. But before we get to those, here are some guidelines for choosing the right frame for your face shape. Most importantly, make sure that the sunglasses are to your taste and that they’re a good match for your personal style. Also, double-check if the chosen shades are wearable and if they have the right UV protection. Before clicking that Buy button, think again why you are buying the chosen sunglasses and what you expect from them. If you consider all the mentioned guidelines above, you’ll get the right pair for sure. You can read more about how to choose the best sunglasses for your face shape here.



Every enthusiastic fashionista who looks for inspiration in current trends knows that sunglasses are the cherry on top in completing an outfit. A great pair of sunglasses has the power to attract attention and is probably the first thing most people notice on a person. In this article, we present the most popular sunglasses trends in 2021. The list ranges from classic timeless sunglasses to trends we’ve seen resurface from the past and even sporty frames. Read on.


1. Oversized sunglasses

Check any list of top sunglasses trends for 2021 and you’ll notice that oversized sunglasses make it to all of them. If you’re wondering how that’s possible, let us enlighten you that this XXL frame has been the rage for quite some years now. 2021 will be no different, as retro oversized sunglasses are already on the rise. This vintage-inspired sunglass style is not only the perfect addition to any look but is also large enough to cover half of your face. The perfect choice for those who want to protect their eyes, and avoid wrinkles and fine lines from photoaging caused by harmful UV rays.

2. Timeless aviators

Did you know that aviators were the first sunglasses trend to spread among people? They were primarily designed as eye protection for pilots. However, people still view them as trendy due to their popular shape. True aviator fans, who have never replaced their favorite shades, will be especially happy to hear that this trend has returned. This year’s aviator-style goes beyond the norm, introducing playfully colored lenses and oversized options.

3. Square sunglasses

You must pick square sunglasses if you’re in want of a glamorous look. Square-shaped sunglasses will emphasize your strong personality with their elegant shape and a touch of drama. These sunglasses are usually quite large and cover half of your face, making them the most popular sunglasses among celebrities who want to avoid the paparazzi.

4. Rimless sunglasses

In recent years, frameless sunglasses have been on the rise, becoming a favorite of many celebrities especially due to their unique shape. Show your girly side and add a hint of playfulness to your outfit by choosing these shades. Since they don’t have a frame, you will get noticed because of the bright-colored lenses and the chic shape.

5. Cat-eye sunglasses

Show off your inner diva and emphasize your femininity with the cat-eye frame. Its angles will accentuate your mysterious, femme fatale side. These shades are perfect for any face shape and any style, as they add just the right amount of sophistication to your look. Last year’s black classics receive an upgrade in this season, adding bold patterns and delicate details that give you a dynamic, head-turning look.

6. Round sunglasses

The retro round frames appear on the trend lists just about every year. They are best suited for people with a strong jaw, as the softness of this traditional style achieves a balanced look with your angular facial structure. The advantage of round sunglasses is that they are suitable for both men and women. You can even share them with your significant other.

7. Geometric sunglasses

If you are a fashion enthusiast with a confident attitude and a spark of a trendsetter, you’ll fall in love with sunglasses in extravagant shapes. Make a statement this season with a geometric frame that screams for attention. That’s exactly what you want, right?

8. White frame sunglasses

This season the frame color scale is ruled by bright hues, especially white – a symbol of peace and simplicity. This trend has been seen on Hollywood celebrities several times and is already becoming a people’s favorite.

9. Winter sunglasses

As the awareness of the importance of eye protection throughout the whole year rises, winter sunglasses have also gained in popularity. Versatile winter goggles with interchangeable lenses and handles are a novelty in our new collection, which is coming soon!

10. Sports sunglasses

Let’s not forget about sports enthusiasts with a taste for fashion. Look for a sporty frame that fits your face perfectly, and will keep your eyes protected from sunlight and the wind.

These were our latest top 10 sunglasses trends. We firmly believe everyone will be able to find their perfect shades. However, you can take a step away from your comfort zone and try on something brand new. Sunglasses manufacturers tend to find novelties and upgrades of the most popular styles of sunglasses every year.

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