The Relics of an Alternate Victorian Era: Steampunk Sunglasses




Inspired by the 19th century, steampunk finds its inspiration in the slow turning of well-oiled cogs, powered by steam. Often referred to as retrofuturistic, this unique artistic subgenre projects the obsolete technology and science of the Industrial Era well past its expiration date. Its aesthetic is hard to miss, and you would probably recognize steampunk for what it is, without really realizing it. The term itself was first used in 1987, by a group of literary friends trying to describe their own works with one word. Despite the fact that the novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea was written during the times from which steampunk draws inspiration, it actually describes its very essence – large, futuristic machinery powered by steam and gears. In short, the movement can be summarized as a past vision of the possible future.


Its aesthetics are inspired by the fashions of the Victorian Era in England, Belle Epoque in France, and the American Wild West. The creations usually feature gears as main element, integrated into clothes and accessories. Also characteristic for the style, are the iconic round-shapped googles, usually reserved for protecting eyes from the elements.


Drawing on the imaginings of steampunk, Layoners created its own style of frames. Perfectly round, incredibly stylish and timelessly fashionable, these sunglasses are perfect for those who wish to venture out of their comfort zone, and discover an entirely different reality.



A reinvention of previously mentioned googles, the Layoners’ Steam collection features clean lines with a metal sheen that is bound to enhance your features this fall/winter season. The essence of steampunk is present, yet toned down to the level appropriate for street wear. The bulky framing is gone, the retrofuturistic round lenses are staying. Also reminiscent of the movement are the subtle gold colors, and the mechanical design of the top bar connecting the two lenses.


While true steampunk goggles are more suitable for cosplay and other artistic endeavors, and therefore way more delicate in their fashionable applications, modern styles are more suitable for your everyday style. The round lenses are a universal choice that fits different kind of facial profiles. There is no doubt that the style attracts dauntless fashion adventurers, but it is also perfect for those who simply wish to revitalize their appearance with a breath of fresh wind … or steam!


We handpicked a few great models that will inspire you whether you’re a fan of steampunk and retrofuturism or not. Our Steam collection is the embodiment of the future, as it was imagined in the past – a mechanical avant-garde that is bound to draw attention on the streets.


Even better than their daring approach to anachronistic style, is their universal versatility. The Steam frames can be combined with any piece in your wardrobe. They complement both monochromatic and colorful clothes, and there are no limits when adding them to your outfit. By enhancing your already stunning facial features, the Steam frames add that infinitesimal spark you’ve been looking for on a sunny day.

Because we want you to be at the top of your game, we’ve prepared some visual suggestions on how to feature steampunk sunnies in your outfit. 


1. The Tough Look

Do you want to exude self-confidence? You don’t really need much more than a simple shirt and a black leather jacket, completed with our Steam Pink sunglasses that will blow the monotony away. You can also straighten your hair or pull it into a high ponytail in a combination with a bold red lip shade.


2. A Relaxed City Vibe

Steam Silver are a unisex model that is ideal to combine with pullovers, shirts, hoodies and general hustle and bustle of the city. They are perfect for coffee dates or strolling in the park, great for driving – in short, versatile frames you’ll try once, and never forget!


3. Ideal for Couples

Matchy couples are back in action! If you and your better half wish to present a uniform front, then you’ll find it easy to opt for our Steam frames. Together, you’ll find it easy to emanate the quirky retrofuturistic vibe, and exude an altogether stylish aura. Be assured – you’ll look even more connected, and simply cool.

 To end our foray into all things steampunk, fashionable and otherwise – don’t hesitate to get a pair of your own. The original retro-scientific essence has been toned down into something stylish and totally wearable. A re-envisioning of the fashion from the Victorian Era is the fashion trend of this fall/winter season. Don’t fear to stand out, outfit yourself with steampunk frames, perfect for any occasion.

Gear up! (Quite literally.)

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