The Hottest Swimsuit Trends of Summer 2021


We’ve been lounging around our apartments for the better part of 2020 and the first half of 2021 in hopes we get to feel the sun on our bodies some time again this year. Luckily, we’re slowly being let back out into the great outdoors and it seems that we are about to experience a terrific summer full of great memories. As we get ready for this summer without limitations, it’s time to chuck out that old 2019 swimsuit and pick up a sexy new outfit to show off your hot after-quarantine body!



The first rule of choosing the right swimsuit in 2021 is no longer what looks best on your hot bod, but what FEELS best for you, and what makes you feel the most confident! This year, we’re breaking the norms and embracing our post-quarantine bods. That said, make sure to choose the right size so that you can truly feel comfortable and ready to slay the beach – take measurements of your body and compare them to the size charts. Here are some general tips to feel real confidence in your favorite piece of swimwear. To appear slimmer, most women tend to opt for one-piece swimsuits. And to gain a few optical centimeters in height, you can find a patterned swimsuit to break those lines and make you appear taller. Fortunately, the 2021 collection offers something for everyone. There has never been so many different cuts and patterns available! You’re sure to find something that fits your personal style.


Check out the hottest swimsuit trends of the 2021 summer season:


1. Pared back bikini

Characterized by a simplistic and basic design, this classic bikini will never go out of style. With slightly frilled edges and vivid colors, the pared back bikini shows off your hard-earned figure and makes sure you get noticed at the beach.

2. One-piece swimsuit

If you’re all about comfort and confidence, the one-piece swimsuit is the perfect choice for you! No matter your size, it goes well with any body shape since it hides your quarantine-gained centimeters but emphasizes your best qualities.

3. High-waist bikini

The high-waist bikini is a great blend of retro and contemporary styles that complement your curves and best features in a subtle yet sexy way. It’s the perfect combination for women who are looking for the comfort of a one-piece swimsuit and the seductive top of a bikini.

4. Underwired bikini

This one is for all the busty queens out there. Make sure your biggest assets receive proper support from the bra, so that you can enjoy the sun without worries. This type of swimsuit might have gone out of style in the previous years but it’s coming back strong.

5. Soft fabric swimsuit

Forget the same old materials on swimsuit. Everything seems to be made from the same elastic fabric. But don’t despair just yet, we’ve got you covered with this sexy velvet fabric bikini. Who said you can’t combine comfortable and sexy?!

6. Frilled swimsuit

Enjoy the comfort of a one-piece swimsuit and the fun nature of frills. Show of your aloof personality and mad style with one of the greatest hits of this summer.

7. Two-tone bikini

Two-tone bikinis combine great minimalistic styles with funky and vivid colors to make you stand out on the beach. They are a great trend that keeps going strong in 2021. We hope it stays with us for a long time.

8. Open-front one-piece swimsuit

We can’t forget about one of the classics that’s making a return this year in a new and exciting rendition. This one’s a mouthful, but all you have to remember is that it combines two of the most popular styles of swimsuits (one-piece and bikini) into a sexy new form that you won’t be able to resist.

9. One shoulder bikini

You are sure to stand out from the crowd with a one shoulder bikini. It’s a fashionable and stylish way to show off your curves and produces some funky never-seen-before tan lines that you’ll have to explain to your friends.

10. Crop top bikini

For the last major bikini trend this season, we chose our personal favorite – the crop top bikini. It’s incredibly cute, it’s versatile, it’s just what you need to protect your shoulders from burns, while looking like the hottest girl in town.

This is it for our summer 2021 swimsuit trends roundup. Don’t forget that you can make your beach style pop-out with a sweet pair of sunglasses that also protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Check out our collection of swimsuits and sunglasses.

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