Round face: Which sunglasses to choose?



It’s the age-old question that leaves many of us holding off that sunglass purchase for years. When it comes to choosing a pair , a general rule says: For balance and proportions, frame shape should be in contrast with the face shape. Meaning, choose angular shapes for rounded faces and rounded shapes for angular features.


Step in front of the mirror and check yourself out. Oval face shapes are characterized mostly by a softly curved jawline. Plus, the width of your forehead should be just a bit wider than your chin, with your cheekbones usually placed just a little higher on the face. If this sounds like you, get ready – Layoners has lots of frames that’ll fit just right to your face shape.

Now, if you have determined your face is round or oval-shaped, you should look for a frame that will emphasize your cheekbones, chin, and jawline. To be on the safe side, select frames, that have features that contrast your own. Geometric shapes like square frames, Wayfarers, and rectangle shapes will give those with a rounder face shape a longer, thinner look. They add structure to softer facial features. Be sure to avoid round or small sunglasses, as these will generally draw attention towards your round facial features, exaggerating them. Sticking to square or rectangular frames, which balance the features and bring structure to your soft-featured visage, is often best.


Generally, it’s advised that those with a round or oblong face shape stay away from large round sunglass frames as these can make your face look rounder or bigger than it actually is. Some celebrities, however, disprove this idea. Stars like Chrissy Teigen, Jennifer Lopez, and Jennifer Lawrence, all with round face faces, look stunning wearing their large, oversized sunglasses. So, don’t stick to one sunglasses silhouette, and try on various frame shapes. Go for bolder colors, thick rims, and bigger sized sunglasses.


To draw attention away from rounded cheeks or a fuller jawline, opt for cat-eye sunglasses that are more angular. The beauty of a cat-eye frame is that it looks amazing on almost anyone. A round face shape is no exception here. The cat-eye frame emphasizes the cheekbones and creates angles on your face. The sharp angles of this type of sunglasses complement the softer lines of the face perfectly. An oversized frame that curves upwards, or one that is thicker, will also flatter a round face shape.

What a round face needs to look longer is a simple contrast. Square shaped sunglasses are another good option. They are both – bold and expressive. The sharp lines and angles they feature make them a perfect fit for any round face. If the frames are wide, then they add more balance to the soft features, enhance the face, and make it appear slimmer. The sharp edges and the large frames create a visual illusion of a narrower face. Your cheekbones, forehead, and jawline will seem more defined. The contrast will make your face seem softer. Look for a pair with a fun floral pattern or in a metallic version.

Try the sunglasses in person if you can. Although you may like the pictures of the sunglasses, the thing is, you can never know for sure if the sunglasses will be flattering for your face shape or your skin tone or hair color. Take a close look in the mirror and observe your face and its skin undertone. This refers to the natural colors underneath the surface of your skin. Is it warm, cool, or neutral? Warm undertones range from peach to yellow and golden. Cool undertones include pink and bluish hues. If your face has a neutral undertone, this means that your undertones are roughly the same color as your actual skin tone. If your skin is drawn to warm tones, sunglasses with frames of warmer colors will suit you best. If you’re more on the cool side, you might want to go for blue, green, brown, or black frames. You can also try out a combination of warm and cool tones or patterns, which will brighten up even the simplest frames.

Editor’s suggestion: try on just about every frame shape in any color you can get. Don’t hold back and don’t reach for the colors that you’re used to wearing all the time. You might discover that a frame style that you would never put on your nose, is a great stylish addition to your face. The most important thing to bear in mind if you have a round face is that the frames mustn’t be too small. A small pair of glasses won’t provide enough contrast to the rest of your facial features and can even turn out to be uncomfortable to wear. Measuring your temple width, the widest part of your face, and pupillary distance can make a big difference in getting the perfect fit.


One thing’s for sure: it’ll take some trial and error to figure out what sunglasses style is best for your face shape. To assist you on your sunglasses journey, start by drawing inspiration from celebrities with similar facial structures.

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