Oversized Sunglasses: How To Wear Them


Oversized sunglasses have been trending since the 1960s – popularized by the first lady Jackie Kennedy and fashion icon Audrey Hepburn, who enchanted the masses by wearing large frames with a slight cat-eye shape in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This classic shape even found its way to the top of our list of best trends for 2021. Read on to find out why oversized specs are synonymous with style.


We’re pretty sure that almost anyone can find a feature on their face that they’re not particularly happy with. Some try to remove such slight imperfections with expensive beauty treatments or plastic surgery, while others learn to conceal them with various tactics. Oversized sunglasses will help you hide puffy eyes and dark circles, all while diverting attention from round cheeks or a big nose. Don’t forget that there’s no need to hide – all your features are beautiful.



Are you aware that exposure to the sun is responsible for up to 90% of skin aging? The thin layer of skin around your eyes is especially susceptible to sun damage and often forms thin lines or even dark spots. In addition to aging, the sun can cause severe damage to your retina resulting in poor eyesight and is one of the leading causes of skin and eye cancer. Your best bet is a nice frame of oversized sunnies that shields a large area around your eyes with adequate UV protection. 



Oversized sunglasses are … BIG. When choosing a pair for yourself, make sure not to go too big. Instead of achieving an elegant look, you might end up looking like some insect from foreign lands. That’s probably something you want to avoid, so we prepared some guidelines for avoiding common mistakes when selecting your pair.

  • Oversized glasses must sit on your nose comfortably and must not touch your cheeks. If the frame is leaning on your cheeks, it’s too big for your face.

  • The eyebrows must be at least partly visible, or the effect of oversized specs might look unseemly. Choose a frame that doesn’t completely cover your eyebrows. The frame must sit in a way where the eyes look through the center of the lens.

  • The frame should not be wider than your face. You probably don’t want the glasses to cover half of your face and take away all the attention.

  • The temple tips need to wrap around the ear comfortably, without sliding off or squeezing. If the temples are too tight, your head might start to hurt as well.


Have you heard of the smile test? It works like a charm! First, try on the sunnies you like and smile widely. If they rise up the nose visibly, they are not the right fit for you. Your expressions should not change the way the sunglasses fit on your face. 



This years’ fashion seems to take its inspiration from rococo. Opulent frames with crystal ornaments are at the forefront of summer trends. If you like to sparkle and take center stage, this trend is just for you! Check out our fresh and glittering Crystal collection that has completely awed the female population.

Choose your own oversized Layoners sunglasses that will make you feel more than excellent and enhance your best features.

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