How to Take Better Photos


You’ve probably had the experience of taking a commemorative selfie or asking someone to take a quick snap at a historic attraction you’ve just visited. You probably also remember looking at that same photo and not liking it one bit. Read on to discover what you can do to look better in everyday images.

1. Find your good side and stick to it

Why tire yourself with frontal poses if they don’t do anything good for your features? Try this simple task: clean your phone’s camera and take 5 selfies. Remember, practice makes perfect. The rule you should follow is to always capture a different profile, moving your head sideways and pointing your chin up or down. Don’t worry about how silly the whole thing looks. The point is to test which profile looks best on camera. In fact, this simple guideline performs so well that even celebrities follow it. Ariana Grande, for example, only shows the left side of her face in ALL her photos.

2. Practice in front of a mirror

Ooook, we can already hear you complaining about how you don’t like any of the photos you just took. Don’t worry, we’ll help you change that in a sec. It’s time to get in front of a mirror for your next task. Observe your face in the reflection; how does it look when you raise or lift your chin or let the light hit your cheekbones from a different source? The right angle can erase your wrinkles, brighten your eyes or even hide a double chin. Take notice of such little tricks and use them when next taking or posing for a photo.

3. Show emotion

You may think that your smile does not look best in photos. Believe us, you’re the only one that sees it like that. A smile changes the tone of the image and gives it personality. Remember – smiling is infectious, and one smile too many never hurt anyone.

However, don’t single-mindedly adopt the idea that you have to smile in every photo. If you’re feeling sad, angry, even desperate, don’t feel like you have to hide. Despite being marked as negative, these are still genuine emotions that should be appreciated. Don’t think you should always appear cheery and lively; in fact, some people might even find it annoying and pretentious.

4. Photograph in the right light

Lighting is so important that it can either make or break the entire picture. If you take photos at the right time of day, good lighting will find you on its own.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. A rule that often appears in photography guidebooks is to have the sun behind the photographer, directly lighting the subject. Still, don’t be afraid to bend the rules a little – the light is incredibly subtle early in the morning or late at evening when the sun is barely above the horizon. That’s the time to have the sun behind your subject. The golden light will subtly diffuse through their hair, creating an ethereal photo.

Hint: The best light for photography is in the morning or evening, when the shadows are softer, colors more saturated, with the whole atmosphere appearing warmer. Never take photos at noon; the sun will wash out all the colors and highlight every imperfection. Cloudy weather is perfect for selfies as the light is very even.

5. Use the right filter

Open the app store, and you’ll be quickly inundated by a literal sea of photo editing apps, making your choice that much harder. If you’re touching up a photo for your Instagram feed, try adjusting the colors so that they fit the overall theme of your profile. If your wall is filled with cold photos with a blueish, downcast atmosphere, a sunny, colorful image may look out of place. Apps like Instagram already offer a large variety of filters that you can adjust to your liking in just a few seconds. This is especially convenient if you don’t want to bother with more advanced tools and don’t feel the need to edit each photo on your computer.

6. Be yourself

Sometimes, the best photos are made when we’re, in fact, not posing. That’s why it’s best to stay natural and simply do your thing.

If you’re the sporty kind, ask others to photograph your adventures. Maybe you like to make art – then let someone catch you during your creative endeavors, or try taking a selfie while painting the canvas. Almost none of us are professional models, and there’s no need to know hundreds of flattering poses. You should stick to what you know best and make yourself comfortable, whether walking your dog, playing the guitar, or climbing mountains. Stay relaxed and try to forget about the sounds of the shutter. P.S.: The longer you stay in front of the lens, the more comfortable you’ll become. Maybe you even forget that you’re being photographed altogether.

That’s it! Try our tricks and figure out what makes you take the best photos!

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