Charting the Skies: Aviator Sunglasses – a Timeless Trend


Aviators were the first model of sunglasses that became truly popular among the general public. Portraying a reckless naval aviator, Tom Cruise may be identified as the main culprit, enthralling the masses in the 1986 action classic Top Gun. Since then, classic aviators with lenses in earthy colors, with silver, gold or black frames have become a timeless fashion staple. 



The origin of aviators is self-explanatory. Created for pilots during World War I, the model was lighter, thinner and much more elegant in comparison to its predecessors. The frame effectively covered a larger area, with the special tinted lenses blocking the high-altitude glare, easing the pilot’s time in the air. Through the years, the frames became increasingly sought-after, but not so much because of their utility, but due to the attractive, trendy shape. This year, classic aviators are set to feature all kinds of colorful lenses – read more in our previous blog post.


Early example of aviators.


As sunglasses manufacturers, we always seek new ideas for frames, to set fresh trends, yet the classic aviator style is simply irreplaceable. Have you ever wondered which aviators are that true classic? You can recognize them by a few characteristics. Their shape must be slightly curved and tear-shaped, with a metal frame, where the bridge is accompanied by a single or even double top bar, ensuring protection against glare.



Useful and increasingly flattering at the same time, sunglasses are the perfect fashion accessory, especially during the summer. If you have yet to find the pair to complete your looks, aviators are sure to be the right choice, as they certainly compliment any style. 


They are also one of the rare frames that suit almost any face shape. Still, take care when choosing the color of the frame, making sure it fits the color and tone of your skin. Warmer skin tones are best complemented by golden frames, while fairer complexions will benefit from silver-toned handles. No matter the color, frame, or lens type, feeling good in your skin remains the most important factor when choosing that perfect pair.


Aviators rode another wave of popularity in 2020, endorsed and worn by America’s new president Joe Biden. If you’re still on the fence – don’t tally, now is the perfect time to become a proud owner to a pair of aviators. The Layoners collection is the best place for all, from classic aviators to this year’s colorful and trendy lenses. All you have to do is choose the right pair.

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