Biker sunglasses: Which ones to choose between KD alternatives?


Conditions on the road are often unpredictable – that’s why bikers need to take special care when choosing the right equipment. Wearing the right pair of sunglasses ensures clarity and comfort, blocking the sun’s glare and protecting your eyes from the wind. Read our short guide on choosing the best frames, and enjoy every ride to the fullest!


We could say that bikers come from a different world. They would probably agree. Rather than staying still, they like to take control of the roads, bracing the winds at incredible speeds. 


But there is much more to their hearts than just dauntless adventure. Did you know that they wave at each other when meeting on the road? This simple gesture exemplifies the unspoken rule of this tight-knit community: Respect. 


Even if bikers seem like a rowdy bunch, business owners regard them as loyal and respectful customers. That’s why you can’t go long without noticing the “Bikers, Welcome” sign hanging by roadside bars, clubs, or restaurants. Like any other group, bikers like to come together and support one another during times of happiness or tragedy.


Riding a motorbike is not just a hobby; it’s a lifestyle. The road-daring riders spawned an entire subculture, characterized by clothing, accessories, and how you conduct yourself when prowling the roads.




Just like anything else you wear on your outdoor adventures, sunglasses should be comfortable and durable. A great fit will serve you well on long rides without causing any inconvenience.



Keep in mind that the best frames don’t just protect the eyes but cover the area around them as well. Riding at fast speeds exposes you to harsher conditions, likely to strain your eyes. To put it simply: everything coming your way will hit you with about ten times more force, may it be rain, wind, snow, or a stray bug in your path. Consider sunglasses that cover a large area and wrap around at the sides.


Tints and Types of Lenses

Polarized lenses are the best bet for long rides, especially when driving along the coast, where the sun easily reflects from the sea into your eyes. Most of our sunglasses come equipped with adequate UV protection and a high-quality polarization filter.


Lens color should not be just a stylistic choice – consider the conditions you’re about to brace on your bike. Yellow lenses improve contrast in environments with poor lighting, so they’ll make driving in the dark much easier. Grey lenses provide less of a contrast and perform best during the daytime. Amber tinted shades are an excellent choice for all parts of the day and all weather conditions.


The Looks

Not just any shades fit the biker aesthetic. To be honest, choosing the right pair is just as much about the style as it is about the protection and comfort. Embrace the best of both worlds and take on the roads in style. 



While it’s good to keep your options open and consider the challenges you’ll face on the road, your best bet may be choosing the frames that simply feel right. It’s vital that you feel comfortable in your skin and keep your eyes on the road. After all, happiness is the best accessory for every day.

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